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I have an attached patio enclosure which gave way where water entered the 14.4' x 15' enclosure causing water damage (possibly level 2-3). The structure is attached to the home. It pretty much soaked up everything in the area including electronics (insurance company issue). The flooring and furniture was impacted by this leak from the roof. I have a company coming out to remove the snow and ice to further assess the source of the leak. I'm looking for an estimate to clean up dry out the area.

James R

I need someone to come out and remove as much water as possible without removing the carpet.

Walter Z

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Water Damage Restoration - Water Damage Restoration Questions
1.20 What to look for in contractors who repair major water damage?

Q. Bathroom sink pipe sprung a major leak, 15 minutes worth of tap water soaked hardwood flooring, plaster walls and ceilings and ran into some duct work...also we are concerned about the electrical wiring behind ceiling and walls, what are some good characteristics to look for in hiring a contractor who specializes in this type of work? Also, is it typical for the homeowner's insurance to cover the plumbing work? So far, the adjuster says only work to repair damage is covered but not the plumbing that caused the problem...sound right?

A. Your adjuster is correct. Your insurance policy owes for access to get to the plumbing leak and to repair it but NOT for the part itself. Start by making sure your house is dried out properly by a certified water damage restoration company (i.e. ServiceMaster). They will find out where the water damage starts and ends, take moisture reading of your flooring and walls & may place fans/dehumidifiers to dry out your home. After the place is dried out, then address rebuild. If you need paint, drywall, flooring or baseboards...ask your adjuster if they have a "preferred" general contractor that is on the company's preferred program. Go with one of them if they do. Good luck.

1.20 Is it the good option to hire the water damage restoration experts after some damage?

Q. Water damage restoration experts after some damage

A. I suggest you try a good, reputable General Contractor, Why? Restoration experts have a tendancy to imply this type of work needs or has any experts. What this means is they do only restoration work which is a very high markup with little or no equipment. Here is an example of what I have witnessed. Flood Damage to a home which included flooding the crawlspace and about 2" of water over the 1st floor. This homeowner hired a flood restoration contractor who did this after water receeded the crawl space. #1. Removed all the duct work (fibre board) in the crawl space $ 1800 #2. Sprayed the exposed wood floor joist,rim boards, plates with a mold killing agent applied with a pump sprayer $2100 #3. Set 3 fans in the crawl space to dry out the ground - left in place for 1 week $800 #4. Removed the old plastic sheeting on crawl floor and installed new 3 mil $900 #4. Cleaned the remaining ductwork in the house $1200 #5. Had a subcontractor (hvac) install new ductwork in the crawlspace $2300 #6. Pulled up carpet on 1st level (900 sq ft.) $650 #7. Set fans in house to dry out subfloor (1 week) $800 #8. Sprayed mold killing agent on all 1st floor subfloor $1200 #9. Cleaned all baseboard trim and lower kitchen cabinets $925.00 #10 Had subcontract flooring company install new carpet & pad, vinyl in kitchen 100 sq yards. $3800 Now that's $16,475.00 . I got there 2 days after I was called for an estimate. This company had already pressured the owner into signing this contract saying that their schedule was filled but if they signed the contract today they would get it sheduled for the next week. My total price was $12,250 for the exact same work. What they really charge way too much for is the mold/mildew spraying - I purchase this chemical agent at the same place they get it. It costs $38.00 per gallon and this job for crawl space and 1st floor would take 6 gallons = $228.00 plus labor 8hrs. @ $40 hour = $320, Total for both areas material and labor $548.00 - they charged $3,300 for this. Then you have the cost of placing (3) turbo fans in the crawl space and the first level to air it out = their charge for this $1,600. I rent this fans for $75 a week each = $450 Removing the old muddy plastic sheeting and installing new I had a cost of $400,they charged $900. The cleaning of the baseboard trim and lower kitchen cabinets was a farce = $925.00 * Owner said 2 young girls did this for $100 each cash - they told the homeowner this. The ductwork contractor I had quote the job said his price included removing all the old ductwork which wasn't much. So ---- Go ahead and get a price from the restoration experts, but also call around or ask neighbors for name of a couple good General Contractors, and give them time to respond. Much of the time the not so good Restoration contractors respond very quickly because they understand you are in a hurry - this can cost you money. If this is insurance job - make sure the insurance company will write the check to you - you then can hire anyone you want. Get it all in writing and have them break costs down as much as possible. Do not pay more than 10% up front. Ask for and check out their references. Read your contract - and all the fine print. Ask for a start and completion date. Also get a certificate of insurance which will show if they have workmens comp insurance on their workforce, and ask if they are subcontracting any work out, if they are you need a certificate of insurance on each subcontractor that shows coverage. Look at the expiration date on all certificates of insurance and call the insurance comp to make sure the company has paid this policy and it is in force for your job. This is a lot of info, but this way you will be sure to get a good contractor. The less than legitimate contractors will balk when you ask for this info - the good ones are used to this and rather proud of having it. * There are some good legitimate restoration contractors out there - just do some good comparison on your estimates to enable you to find one.

1.20 Who should pay for clean up after water damage restoration? Tenant or Landlord?

Q. A water pipe broke in the roof resulting in 30 days of water damage restoration. Demolition of interior walls and floors have layers of dust on all my furniture, floors, fixtures, inside cabinets. Is clean up after the restoration part of the job scope or am I stuck with footing the bill myself? I live in California and the damage was actually caused by roofers making repairs to the apartment building I have spoken to my landlord about getting a cleaning service and she initially agreed but now she said she is being nickled and dimed by the insurance company. None of my property was damaged. But I do want all my walls, floors, cabinets cleaned. I have already spent many hours on washing all my linens, curtains, dishes, and inside of cabinets to remove the dust.

A. Usually the landlord does not provide maid service, most tenants would not be comfortable about that. You will have to ask your landlord to clean your house if you want that, there is no way they would think to do it on their own.

1.20 Where can I get a list of new jersey insurance restoration contractors.?


A. What- you had a loss and there not coming out of the woodwork- ha ha, Former Fire and Water damage GC- Dallas area. Look in the phone book under Fire and Water Damage Restoration- you will not find a list like this- but Insurance Adjuster will know most of them. They are General Contractors who specilize in Fire and Water. Also there are companies who only do Content cleanup, like ServePro. They do Water clean up. And Furniture cleaning.

1.00 Would knowledge of previous water damage affect your decision to purchase a condo?

Q. If you also know that the repairs have been completed by a qualified restoration company --- would the knowledge of the previous damage cause you to not want to purchase the home or condo? Would it affect the price you were willing to pay?

A. Not at all, if proper repairs were made and the cause of the leak remedied as well. There is no reduction in value because of a previous damage situation, as long as the unit was restored to the original or better condition during the repair.

1.00 Air Condition Water Leak into Carpet?

Q. I have a question, should i call a restoration company if my air condition leaked water into the carpet? The damage is not major but a few spots that are squishy when stepped on. My husband doesn't think it is that bad and can be dried by our own fans and treated with a fungal spray.

A. I would think you could just clean it up. You need to find out why the A/C is not draining properly. If it's a window unit it may not be sloped properly or the drain may be plugged internally.

1.00 Is my engine seized (200ci ford)?

Q. Ok, my story starts with my 66 mustang with the original 200ci i6 in the engine bay. Any way, I've been restoring it and have now started rebuilding the engine. Since begining the restoration, i have tried to fire the engine once. But, ( i stupidly ) pulled the head and put a new gasket on without checking to see if i took the old head gasket off. Anyway, we tried to fire it up and found it had a bad coil, so i replaced the coil and tried to start the engine again, but this time it wouldn't budge. The starter wont engage and when i tried to turn it over by hand, it wouldn't budge. So i took the head back off and thats when i found two head gaskets on it by my mistake. Also, i found some coolant in the oil ( which i think is caused by the double head gaskets ). This leads me to my questions. 1. Will two head gaskets damage the engine? 2. Is the engine seized, and if so how to fix it?

A. Yup 2 "new" head gaskets, properly problem. But you have coolant (water) probably rusted the rings to the cylinder walls. Take the head off...soak the rings in PB Blaster or Marvem Mystery Oil.... wait a few hours...tap firmly on pistons with rubber mallet...careful,they are aluminum then try turning again. repeat.... dont bust the bolt in the harmonic balancer trying to turn it over. you will have to hone out any rust rings in the cylinders.

1.00 After big fire in my kitchen,how to deal with insurance adjustore?

Q. I had a fire in my kitchen a week ago, the restoration company did lots cleaning but the smoke smill still very bad, I have new carpit upst and hard wood in my leaving room next to the kitchen, lots of water was used to put the fire out, I have refinished hardwood floor, I am meeting the the restoration company and my insurance adjostur this week, I want to know about my rights, what do i need to do to be ready for the meeting? can I demand they pint all the house, can I demand they replace the carpit and hardwood to avoide smoke smell, what is the next step if I dont agree with the adjustore? PLEASE HELP thank you

A. Be straight with the adjustor. It is their job to collect what they see as causitive factors in a fire. If the fire was of a nature that it was not caused by overt negligence, you have no worries. A good fire damage policy on your house is paramount. It spells out coverage, circumstances that are covered. Be straight with them and you normally get what you need. Try too hard to put emphasis on who is to blame and you don't get very far. Listen to what they have to say, but do not take no for an answer. You paid the premiums, you expect the coverage and the repairs to be done to your liking.

Water Damage Companies

 Water Damage Restoration We help you connect with reliable and experienced water damage restoration companies in Alpharetta. Water damage can occur because of a number of causes. A pipe burst can cause severe leakage, which leads to water accumulating in your basement. On the other end of the scale, a flood in your neighborhood, or the overflow after a heavy shower can seep into your basement flooding your belongings, and creating ripe conditions for wood decay, mold, mildew and other problems. If you've suffered any sort of water damage on your property, you will need the services of a water extraction service immediately, and without further delays. The longer you delay, the more the decay and the rot that begins to set in, and the more extensive the damage to your belongings. Your wood furniture beams, pillars, floors and other fixtures, and even your concrete surfaces can be ravaged by the non stop onslaught of water when it is left to accumulate. Besides, the formation of mold and mildew is just a few hours away. Black mold, the most toxic of mold species can begin to breed when water is left standing for more than 48 hours.

For over ## years, we have helped Alpharetta residents who need a water extraction service get in touch with flood damage restoration specialists in their area. We have developed a customer friendly contractor finding system that helps you connect with water extraction service contractors in Alpharetta who meet your needs. All you have to do restore your life and your home is fill out the short and easy to fill form below. We will connect you with up to 4 of the most reliable water removal service contractors in Alpharetta. These contractors will send you free estimates for your needs. You can then decide on the contractor who best suits your needs. Make a decision based on his qualifications, experience and his propjet estimate. What could be simpler? You have nothing to lose.

On the off chance that you have no intention of hiring any of our contractors, you will not be charged any hidden fees or extra charges. Our contractor finding search system is free of charge, and places no obligations or pressure on you at all. With our contractor finding system, its easy and convenient to hook up with reputed and experienced water damage restoration companies in Alpharetta.


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